Community Library Completion

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$9,960 $9,960
Project Code: MOZ-OMM-LIB-P01


The town of Mocuba in northern Mozambique has an estimated population over 350,000 several universities, many schools, but no public library.  Entrust has previously funded the building of a library, and this building is now finished, and stocked with books and computers.  However, it is missing a front fence, some University books and an air-conditioner for the computer room.  Without these, the municipal government says the library cannot open.  We want to make sure our earlier investment realises it’s return, and so we are pulling together one final project to complete all the missing pieces so that the library can open.


Our partner has a passion to develop the town of Mocuba and assist the population become a people of learning.  They are determined to expose Mocuba to new ideas and through this foster development, and see the library as a key way of achieving this vision.  They have already done so much with so little to get the library as far as it is.  Natashia visited in October 2016 and was impressed with the building and the potential.


The total budget is USD7470.  This amount will build an attractive wall outside the library, put air-conditioners in the computer room, allowing the computers to be used, and purchase a few specialised university texts.


Mozambique has poor infrastructure after years of colonial rule and then civil war.  Educational resources are also limited.  Many universities and schools do not even have the text books that are required reading for various subjects.  Access to the internet is also very limited, particularly for the poorer members of the community.


  • Secondary school and University students will have the resources required to complete their studies
  • The town will develop a sense of pride through having its own library, and will also begin to establish a sense of community
  • People will be exposed to new ideas and opportunities through books and the internet

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