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$20,000 $40,000
Project Code: IND-TFC-BWP-P01


Gadwal district is in a remote area between two states, approximately 200km south of Hyderabad, and has very poor infrastructure, sanitation and economic status. A multi-purpose centre will be built to provide training workshops and vocational skills, drug rehabilitation and incentives to steer youth into meaningful occupations, and children with catch-up education to enter the mainstream school system. A key focus will be skill training for women in areas such as sewing and tailoring and the making of jute bags and paper plates. Earning an income this way will give them independence and a sense of dignity in providing for their families. Computer training for children will help them compete with city children for better educational and career opportunities. Girls will also benefit. The centre will offer youth self-employment programs such as driving, cooking, painting, shoe-making and computer design, giving them purpose and direction and a means to a livelihood. 

Why support this:

Our partners have been working among these villages for the last 10 years and have developed strong relationships and trust with the communities, mainly from Dalit and other lower caste and marginalised backgrounds. They work in co-operation with the local leaders and elders and find teaching staff within the communities where possible. Our partners are encouraging the children and adults to become agents of change in their local communities through education. Learning together informally promotes equality and provides the opportunity for both boys and girls to pursue their dreams of higher education and improved social and economic status for their families.


$40,000 for a one-year project.

The Need:

Most of the people in this area are day laborers and beggars. They are illiterate and sign their names with a thumb impression. Most women are dependent on men for their survival and lack dignity and standing within society. Many youth have fallen into drug addiction and are in need of rehabilitation and empowerment to restart their young lives. And children with no access to computers have little prospect of a better future without learning computer skills. The villages are in a remote location and there are few services available to the people. There are also caste-related problems in these villages. By providing educational opportunities, our partners are giving people a chance to break out of the poverty cycle.

Expected Life Change:

  • A new centre allows for educational transformation to both children and adults.  Learning to read and write empowers individuals and their community.
  • A safe and well-equipped learning environment provides opportunities for youth and women to learn vocational skills to restore dignity and purpose and give financial independence.
  • Access to education helps abolish the lower caste system where people have been oppressed for generations.

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