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$12,700 $12,700
Project Code: IDN-ALL-BTC-P01


The Sasak people of Lombok are among the poorest people groups in Indonesia. Our partner works with them to improve access to basic life necessities through multiple community-based projects, including water projects, educational programs and engaging people with disabilities. The completion of another water project will benefit at least 300 villagers. A further 100 new families and 250 existing families are expected to receive education/follow-up education in caring for loved ones with disabilities and social education programs will be delivered to 120 individuals.

What we like about it:

Our partner has been operating since 2013, successfully implementing similar types of projects. This project has a strong emphasis on providing on-the-job training for local specialists to deepen their understanding and transfer knowledge so that the work can become sustainable. Local partners also help navigate the cultural challenges associated with community development work in rural village settings. The project relies heavily on the communities themselves taking part and working alongside our partners to give them a sense of accomplishment and empowerment, something which is vital to the local ownership of the projects.

Budget: $12,700 for a one-year project.

The Need:

Already amongst the most impoverished groups in Indonesia, some of these communities were hit hard by the earthquakes in 2018 and are currently working to rebuild their communities from the ground up. Many of these people lack awareness of essential services available to them and have limited understanding of health and nutrition, keeping them in a cycle of poverty and disadvantage.

Life Change:

  • Villagers will have access to clean water and be empowered to maintain their water systems, giving them the reassurance of having clean water well into the future.
  • Families will have the resources and training to care for loved ones with disabilities.
  • Those with disabilities will enjoy a better quality of life as their families are more able to give them the love and care they need.
  • Improved health and nutrition will lead to greater productivity in other areas of life.

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