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$31,000 $31,000
Project Code: BGD-FIA-BFT-P01


This project focusses on the rural poor of Bangladesh who are particularly disadvantaged. The aim is to strengthen the 72 Self Help Groups (SHGs) formed and establish them under the oversight of Village Development Foundations (VDFs), which will be registered with local authorities. This will help deliver a sound capital base to invest in small business and income generating activities. VDFs will be trained in leadership, management, communication, advocacy and financial capacity to empower them as agents of social change, to initiate business and build capacity of SHGs, including fostering their access to government resources and disability support services. The 1300+ SHG members will meet weekly to receive training in economic development, agriculture, food security, gender and justice issues. The project also aims to organise children/youth into clubs promoting health, sport, recreation, leadership and education in child rights and protection.

What we like about it:

This project is helping poor and marginalised families sustainably overcome poverty. Our partners are committed to building trust and confidence, disability inclusion, trying new things and learning from others, creating stronger people-to-people links and ensuring transparency, accountability and good governance at all levels.

Budget: $31,000. The budget for this project will maintain and strengthen 72 self-help groups (500 male and 900 female participants), build capacity of oversight Village Development Foundations and establish children and youth clubs. This project is tax deductible and 100% gets there.

The Need:

Most of the people in the Bay of Bengal lack sanitation, nutrition and capital. As victims of climate change and disasters, food insecurity and limited livelihood options are major problems. They also have very limited knowledge of how to cope with the climate change situation. The root cause of their poverty is the lack of capacity and limited scope to participate in economic activities as well as lack of confidence in what they can do.

Life Change:

  • Long-term wellbeing and a model of transformation driven by change from within, especially in terms of gender balanced participatory leadership and inclusion of people with disabilities (PWD).
  • Self-help Group members engage in economic activities, improve food security, social awareness and skill development.
  • Children and youth aware of their rights and united in raising a collective voice to advocate for their wellbeing and protection.

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