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$19,440 $19,440
Project Code: LAO-NLH-LSD-P01


This is a two-fold project.  Firstly the project provides agricultural inputs for cattle, fish and frog farming to a rehabilitation centre based on a farm.  Secondly it will also provide equipment and training for young people living at the associated half-way house to make an income and gain skills while reintegrating into society.  By providing new farming options, the rehabilitation centre can work towards self-sufficiency, as well as teach the neighbouring farmers new technologies, raising their incomes above subsistence level.


The rehabilitation centre is run by a dedicated couple who are thoughtfully attempting to create a self-sufficient project, which not only allows them to continue to run the centre but which also teaches the former addicts useful skills and equips them to survive once they have completed their rehabilitation. Through their work they have identified that going from rehabilitation in a rural setting straight back into society is too hard, so they also set up a half-way house. We also love the fact that they have a heart to assist the surrounding farmers.


This will supply carpentry and other tools for the half way house, and equipment to finish setting up for cattle, fish and frog farming at the rehabilitation farm.


Drug addiction is a serious problem in Laos, and many addicts relapse.  Our partners have a 70% success rate, which is far higher than other centres – of which there are only a few.  70% is also the rate before the half-way house came into being – the expectation is that this rate will now rise. Many other centres are also too expensive for people to attend, or too short.  This is why our partners focus not only on curing the addiction, but in building up life skills and coping mechanisms so that rehabilitants can survive on their own back in society.


  • Young addicts provided with skills and support to remain drug free
  • The rehabilitation centre becomes more financially sustainable, able to continue the work for many more years
  • Farmers in the nearby area are able to increase their income through new farming techniques and products with all the flow-on effects this will have on health and education.

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