Building a Brighter Future – Year 1

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$52,710 $80,000
Project Code: MMR-EDM-BBF-P01


This project follows on from previous successful projects to reach and restore female trafficking victims, specifically those trafficked for sexual exploitation and forced marriage. Entrust will support 45 girls per year: 30 trafficking surviviors and 15 at high-risk of being trafficked, across our partner’s five centres. Girls will be supported with living costs (stipends) to reduce the risk of returning to trafficking for economic reasons. All girls will receive vocational and business training to gain income-generating skills to support themselves. Trauma counselling, art, music and dance therapy, self-esteem building as well as justice and education programs form part of their rehabilitation. The budget will cover some seed money support for microenterprises, and the salary for one of the vocational trainers.

Why support this:

The women and girls of Myanmar are paying a heavy price for the conflict and economic instability sweeping the country, leading to increased human trafficking and gender-based violence. We value that the program takes 12 months to restore the girls as research shows that women who are returned too quickly to their families and communities without trauma counselling and support are at a high risk of being re- trafficked.


$80,000 per year for a two-year project

The Need:

Human trafficking is the third largest international crime industry (behind illegal drugs and arms trafficking), driven by a blend of social circumstances. These social, economic, political and environmental determinants shape how people live, grow and work, ultimately affecting people’s vulnerability to exploitation. Profit-driven criminal groups thrive on unfavorable determinants like poverty, indebtedness, illness, conflict and joblessness – which is exactly where our partners are working.

Expected Life Change:

  • a supportive environment will foster healing from trauma
  • vocational training will provide an income stream to combat the economic pressures placed on girls and their families
  • women gain vocational and life skills, restoring dignity and building financial independence and a sense of community

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