Together, a brighter future is possible.

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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much – Helen Keller

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all. Life has slowed down for many, but the future of the communities we support is not on hold, in fact life has become a lot harder. Poverty levels are predicted to be set back by 30 years. Although much aid and services have stopped, our local partners are not standing idly by. They remain in their communities, responding and adapting to ensure a brighter future. The introduction of COVID-19 is the latest threat of a long list that these communities face on a daily basis.

Developing countries are far from being able to look beyond this pandemic. However, it is important we look beyond short-term, emergency relief and with a new lens look strategically at this next stage our partners are facing. Our projects will look different. Our partners are reviewing and modifying how they work but the end goal remains the same – to bring about life-change for the poor and oppressed and enable hope in the hardest places. Our work continues, more challenging than before. Join us to invest in a brighter future for people’s lives.

All Entrust projects have long term plans to see communities flourish. These programs enable people to receive an education, achieve better health outcomes, generate income, escape human trafficking and in general build a better future for themselves and their families.


At the close of the financial year, we are aware of the many voices appealing for your support, perhaps this year more than ever. There are so many people in desperate need and so many organisations doing great work. What we can assure you, is that 100% of your donation is being passed on to those who so desperately need it – your generosity is having maximum impact.
As you consider who you will give to before 30th June, will you make an investment by enabling our partners to bring a brighter future to thousands living in hard places. You will receive a tax deduction to help maximise your gift and together we can transform the lives of thousands beyond this storm.

BUDGET $100,000

Entrust is currently supporting 75 approved projects and we will be able to direct funds to keep these projects running, providing wages and community support. If our funding stops, projects stop, people lose incomes and can no longer feed their families.


Yes! And 100% of your donation gets there!


We are in the same storm, and our Aussie boat is well provisioned. With your help, communities trapped in poverty can rebound strongly towards a better future. Let’s reach out and use our plenty to help those who have nothing – together, a brighter future is possible.
With appreciation for your care and generosity
Richard Beaumont (for the Entrust Team)

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