How is Entrust responding to COVID-19?

Emergency Appeal Launch

“What’s ahead and when will it stop?”

We are all adjusting to a different way of life to prevent the coronavirus spreading further and faster than we could ever imagine here in Australia. And it is coming at a cost.

Right now, the whole world is connected by the same crisis. Regardless of what we look like or where we come from, every single one of us will be affected by COVID-19. However, difficult times exacerbate inequalities.

What will the impact be for those in under-developed countries?

There are no safety nets for those in extreme poverty.

Urban slums are a hot spot for disease. Remote villages are cut off from support and infrastructure. Overcrowded cities have ill-equipped health systems and governments with little capacity to help. Financial support, access to clean running water and soap are a luxury and the risks of exploitation and abuse are higher than ever.

Any health epidemic has a compounding effect on those who live in poverty. Already struggling, the basic safety nets and support systems we take for granted are just not available to them. Social distancing is not an option, no work today means no food tonight – forcing families deeper into poverty.


What are our international partners saying?

“Food prices are soaring. The hospitals are not testing and denying that anyone has the virus.” – Myanmar

“While others are being repatriated, none of our family are in the high-risk category so we are planning to stay.” – West Timor

“For us, the impact of COVID-19 is compounded by the existing vulnerable situations our girls face every day. Parents are at risk of losing their jobs, unable to pay their debts and putting pressure on girls to find ways to make money. This is the sort of vulnerability that traffickers prey upon, so help is needed more than ever right now.” – Cambodia

“We are just praying that we will be able to control the spread so that it comes as a wave rather than a tsunami – my heart quails to think what will happen here with our extremely fragile health system if not.” – Zimbabwe

“The virus won’t kill us. It will be the hunger.” – Phillipines

What can Entrust do?

Entrust has 55 partners in 15 of the neediest nations on earth. COVID-19 is making life even harder, and the worst is yet to come. We have the connections and relationships to help provide a safety net through our projects, so that our partners can still function, pay staff and maintain their work to help poor and desperate communities – through water, education, economic empowerment and anti-trafficking.

Entrust Foundation has launched a “COVID-19 Emergency Appeal” to make it easy for you to help the most vulnerable. We are in regular communication with our partners and we are helping them think through their situation going forward, encouraging them and supporting them.


What can you do?

This is your moment to step up for the vulnerable.

We need you to help us be generous to others in need at this time of world-wide crisis. Those who are least able to protect themselves. Stand with us in the gap.

When you give to the COVID-19 Emergency Appeal you can be assured that your money directly helps our partners support those most vulnerable – providing a safety net and some flexibility to respond to the people who need it most. This is invaluable and shows we care!

We can guarantee that 100% of your donation will get to those who need it most! Entrust keeps nothing from your donation – we pass it all on.

Thank you for being such an important part of the Entrust community. Together we can stand with the most vulnerable. We will keep you up to date of our progress in the coming weeks. Please take care of yourself and know that we are praying for you.

Richard and the Entrust Staff and Board.