Village Justice and Empowerment – Goma – Year 1

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$24,335 $24,335
Project Code: COD-HEA-VJE-P01


Our partners live and work in a troubled part of the world – the eastern part of DRC that borders Rwanda. In an area that has been ravaged by ongoing civil conflict and horrendous genocide in neighboring Rwanda, our partners offer compassionate and relevant healthcare together with community development to the marginalized, vulnerable and needy.

Recognised internationally for their good work in this darkest part of Africa, our partners are a shining light of hope and care. This project will establish local village leadership committees of twelve (six men and six women) to bring about justice and empowerment to help their community. Through training and capacity building, it will empower local leaders from all groups to come together to effectively contribute to peace and stabilization. It will help reduce violence (particularly sexual and gender-based violence) through conflict resolution and mediation and establish practices for long-lasting community development.


This model has worked effectively and strategically for our partners for over ten years and therefore has a proven track record. It will build on this model to take it into four new areas. These communities have been deeply affected by repetitive wars and insecurity that have seen hundreds of thousands leave their homes to live in internally displaced peoples’ camps and since return, often traumatised. This positive community building will indirectly affect thousands of villagers.


$24,000 for a one-year project with a view to rolling it out for three years.


In a country where people have been denied justice and peace for so long, the fabric of society breaks down. Good leadership is lacking and a culture of violence, fear and lawlessness takes over. Establishment of village justice and empowerment committees will help restore and rebuild hope in a practical, collaborative way in a country that desperately needs it.


  • Through good leadership villagers will feel empowered and safe in their communities
  • Village committees will help bring peace to the community
  • Villagers can begin to re-build their lives knowing there is justice and stability

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