Standing Up for Trafficked Women – Year 2

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$30,000 $30,000
Project Code: BGD-FOB-STW-P02


This three-year project will develop and expand a rehabilitation and skills training program for at-risk girls and women escaping human trafficking, helping them to successfully integrate in society with real opportunities for employment. A similar program has been successful in the past but the curriculum needs to be revamped with up-to-date trauma informed practises and counselling techniques as well as vocational and life skills to equip the participants. These women, who were living on the streets prior to contact with our partner, are at high risk of exploitation and do not have families who are able to care for them. Women who have been exploited and trafficked need a great deal of support to be able to build new lives.

Why support this:

Our partners provide holistic support and training for women who are street based sex workers, at risk of being trafficked and survivors of sexual trafficking. They liaise with government schools, medical facilities and service providers as required. Their vision is to see women and their children who have been victims of exploitation and/or are living in street situations develop holistically, help each other and return to society.

Budget: $30,000 per year for a three year project. Total budget $90,000.

The Need:

Our partners are based in an area of Dhaka where trafficking of women and children is prolific. There are no other local government or community services providing holistic rehabilitation and training programs in this area. The prevailing norms and value systems of Bangladeshi society do not easily facilitate the acceptance of returnees to families and social life. Women need to be able to provide for themselves.

Expected Life Change:

  • The girls will know and understand themselves better, gaining self-confidence through learning to read and write.
  • Have an opportunity for dignified employment and being able to support themselves.
  • Receive an education and gain vocational skills.
  • Experience emotional healing in a caring environment that supports their wellbeing.

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