Ensuring learning through nutrition – Year 1

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Project Code: KEN-REC-SFP-P01


This project provides over 280 school-children living in Kawangware slum in Nairobi, Kenya with two meals a day – porridge at 10am and a meal consisting of protein and carbohydrates at lunchtime.  The school Entrust supports is registered with the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education, demonstrating that the quality of the curricula and teaching is at least as good as that in Government schools.  The school limits class sizes to 30 students, and provides each student with two meals a day, improving their nutrition and health.  The goal of the school is to provide a quality education and break the poverty trap.  Parents are expected to help contribute to the cost of their children’s education, fostering a sense of dignity and independence.


Children from the Kawangware slum are enrolled in the school and taught about transformational growth.  They are shown how to move from a culture of dependence, to one of self-reliance, innovation and home-grown solutions.  By changing a mindset we can help change a generation.  As the school grows it is seeking to become financially independent, gradually raising school fees until there is no longer a need for Entrust as the nutrition program will be covered by school fees.


Life in Kawangware, one of Africa’s largest slums, is a constant battle.  An estimated 600,000 people living in 4 sq kilometres imposes a poverty mindset within the community.  This school provides an education and food for children within this community.  Often the children exist on one meal a day, and that meal is support.  Imagine turning up to school and trying to learn while being malnourished and starving.  Feeding the children also provides an incentive for the parents to ensure their children come to school – they know they will receive food there.


  • Children saved from stunting and malnutrition
  • Provides opportunity for transformational growth through effective education
  • Children are taught self-belief and determination to succeed – in spite of the challenges of where they live

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