Myanmar Jungle Schools – Thai/Burma border area – Year 1

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$20,540 $20,540
Project Code: MMR-HOP-MJS-P01


The project supports teachers and some educational materials at two schools in Myanmar with a total of 450 students. The schools are located inside the troubled Thai/Burma border area near Mae Sot, Thailand. Internally displaced people and refugee families have lived along this area in camps, often for many years. After years of unrest and destruction of civil unrest and war, families are cautiously returning to villages to start again with little or no resources to support themselves.


We are impressed by the community’s vision and determination to build a new life. They are committed to the schools and want to see their children gain an education. Education is a key to a better life and building for the future. With few resources the community are coming together to support each other and place education as one of the priorities for their children. Supporting teachers is essential for school stability and educational progress.


The civil war in Myanmar lasted 60 years. Entire generations have grown up without schooling and are living precarious lives. With a tenuous peace, the overwhelming need is to build villages with appropriate infrastructure including schools, medical clinics and other basic services, which will enable people to empower themselves and build better lives.


  • Increased access to education, which provides children with alternatives for the future
  • Increased capacity means more children will gain an education and more families will have an opportunity to break out of poverty
  • Further development of a sense of community pride in a relatively new village settled mostly by internally displaced people

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