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$10,000 $10,000
Project Code: INT-MET-FIL-D01


Our implementing partner has developed and designed a completely new and innovative prototype water filter. It has been field tested, is simple, robust, durable and easy to clean. The Meta-filter does not require expensive or hard to find cleaning material to maintain it. This project aims to take the prototype and continue its development right through to full-scale production. This filter will support many other water projects, leveraging the initial investment for a huge impact in many nations. The need is for the funding required to make the injection moulding dies so that full scale production can begin. The Meta-filter will be sold as cheaply as possible to make it accessible to help the poor. By funding capital costs the filter will be accessible to those who need it most!


This is a matched project – for every dollar we raise, another donor will give to match it! Additionally, we have seen the success of field trials of the filter and are excited about how it can support other investments in water. Our partners are not just inventors, but developed this filter as a response to the need they saw in all the countries they work to provide clean safe drinking water!


Funds raised will support the development of moulding and initial production run.


Over the past 5 years our implementing partner has witnessed first hand the escalating price of household filtration units that are no longer affordable for those in the developing nations that most need them. The current products on the market are often poor in quality, difficult and expensive to maintain or lack durability. So the team decided to create a solution to overcome these barriers and developed the Meta-Filter. The Meta-Filter has been designed to address the issues of reasonable price and a durable, high quality, safe yet manageable filter.


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