Keeping Kids Safe Through Training – Mae Sot

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$14,320 $14,320
Project Code: THA-JPE-KKS-P01


This project involves training childcare workers and others working with children-at-risk on best practice in caring for children. The trainers work alongside local communities on the Thai/Burma border. There are thousands of migrant communities in this area consisting of Thai nationals, foreigners, Burmese and ethnic migrants who have fled Myanmar (Burma). Our partner has a strong focus on delivering and implementing best childcare practice throughout Thailand through hosting workshops for organisations, community groups and families. It follows on from a previous Entrust project.


Our partner has extensive experience in providing training to nationals across 12 countries. The program is held in high regard by local authorities and works with children that have been, or are at risk of being trafficked. We like that our partners utilise train-the-trainer strategies where locals complete training accreditation, return to their regions of need and train other local people, providing leverage to grow the programs. We also like the format of workshops rather than live-in training which allows participants a greater chance of participation.


$14,320 for Year 1 of a 2-year project which totals $24,340.

(Year 2 $10,020 begins September 2018)

The budget covers the cost of the trainers and the accompanying training materials including the translation of the training manual and visual aids (in Burmese and Thai), together with an administrator to coordinate the program.


There are many non-government organisations working in the Tak region, none of whom provide training on best care practice for children at risk. There are over 50 groups already interested in this training with nine on a waiting list. There is an epidemic of child trafficking, especially within this area of the “golden triangle”. Children are being trafficked and forced to work in hazardous conditions in many industries, including the vicious sex trade.


  • Communities are helped to identify risks of trafficking in their local area
  • Reduction in the number of children trafficked
  • Locals empowered to take control of their lives

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