Honey Making Money – Rusape, Zimbabwe – Year 2

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$16,000 $16,000
Project Code: ZIM-HWZ-HMM-P02


Our partners seek to support impoverished and marginalized rural communities in Zimbabwe. The project started in Chimanimani in eastern Zimbabwe where a bee-keeping pilot project was established in a rural village. The project is now ready to be expanded into two other villages that received training in 2019. A model apiary has also been established in Rusape which will be used as a training and research centre. Plans are in place to establish another in Rusitu, near the bee-keeping communities. The aim of the project is to alleviate poverty through economically empowering beneficiaries to engage in beekeeping as a sustainable, income-generating activity that will also improve the environment.

What we like about it:

This project is with a new grassroots partner in struggling Zimbabwe. We appreciate their hearts for the poor and for the great progress they have made to date since 2016. We like their business-like and considered approach to finding sustainable solutions for communities. We appreciate that they conducted a pilot program and are a flexible and willing to continually improve outcomes, and that they are looking to develop r a self-sustainable model from the outset. 

Budget: $16,000 for Year 2 and $19,000 for Year 3. Entrust is supporting beekeeping in three villages and development of the model apiary in Rusape and Rusitu. The budget includes the purchase or beehives and honey processing and packaging equipment, together with training for villagers and project management costs. 

The Need:

Since 2000, Zimbabwe has faced a myriad of political challenges which has severely affected the economy. This has led to the devaluation of the local currency and high unemployment levels currently estimated at over 85%. Rural farmers have traditionally been dependent on subsistence farming. However, many are struggling to produce enough to feed themselves and for those who have little to sell, they struggle to get a fair market for their produce. 

Life Change:

  • Income-generating skills will provide a sustainable income for participants to help support themselves and their families and will provide avenues into better education, health and community living
  • People will feel empowered through learning practical skills and business training
  • Villagers will understand and see the benefits of looking after the environment
  • Villagers will learn to work together through the formation of cooperatives 


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