Empowering Women and Children – Year 2

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$0 $40,800
Project Code: IDN-NKM-EWC-P02


Our partner’s organisation builds prosperous and harmonious families through the empowerment of women, youth, and children in Noinbila and equips their communities through education, training and mentoring. A multipurpose building will be constructed this year and fitted with basic furniture and equipment for a preschool and an office. This project provides holistic preschool education for 394 households in 2 neighbouring hamlets and work with women to develop livelihood skills so they can generate an income.

Why support this:

Our partners highly value partnership and work closely with local government and other stakeholders. Preschool education is strategic as it impacts the first five formative years of a child’s life which in turn influences their life-long direction. It provides an ideal opportunity for families to interact and work towards holistic transformation in the wider community. Currently, poverty, high teenage pregnancy, social customs in these hamlets contribute to abuse and neglect of women and perpetuate the lack of access to social services, employment and education.

Budget: $76,200 for a three-year project. Year 2 budget: $40,800.

The Need:

Nearly one third of the regional population is living below the regency poverty line and the poverty gap is increasing. Systemic poverty, coupled with cultural practices that disadvantage women, has left many young families fractured and vulnerable. Many are ineligible for social services such as health clinics, immunisations, welfare benefits and access to education. Children are often left without much supervision and structure in their lives and they tend to perpetuate the same practices as they grow up. Addressing some of these issues at the pre-school level will help to prevent the cycle from continuing.

Life Change:

  • Children have access to holistic early education, giving them the opportunity to learn, develop and grow in their character.

  • Collaborative relationships between preschools and families encourages a positive, seamless learning environment and builds more cohesive, purposeful communities.

  • Women develop meaningful income generating activities in a supportive network, leading to more stable and prosperous families.

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