Empower Women – Empower a Community – Mbale

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$21,000 $21,000
Project Code: UGA-JEN-EWC-P01


This project follows on from previous women’s empowerment projects and comprises two initiatives that will have a direct impact on vulnerable women living in some of the poorest communities in Mbale in the east of Uganda. The first initiative is women’s savings and loans groups which have shown great success since being implemented in 2011 and are growing due to popular demand. This project will create 18 more groups together with ongoing training and project management. A new support officer will also be employed to provide greater support and follow-up to existing groups. The second initiative is vocational skills and business training for young mums to teach income-generating skills to look after themselves and their young children. This is a one-year training program for two groups of 40 members. Equipment such as sewing machines, hair dryers and catering equipment will be supplied by our partners.

What we like about it:

These initiatives aim to tackle poverty on a number of levels, providing practical and emotional support to women to overcome the challenges they face.Our partners collaborate well with other groups in the area and are effectively and strategically planning their projects to meet the needs of the people by building on a firm foundation of experience. This project builds on the momentum and success achieved so far, enabling it to expand to reach new communities and people who haven’t yet experienced a life-changing project of this type. Men are increasingly supporting the project as they recognize the positive impact of the savings groups.

Budget:$21,000 for a one-year project

The Need:

The eastern corridor of Uganda has been badly affected by the drought in the past few years. Crops have been destroyed and prices for food have been very inflated. It is a difficult time in a region where poverty is oppressive and unrelenting and requires a multi-pronged approach to overcome. This project provides women with the means to access activities and ongoing advice to help them escape the poverty cycle. Given the opportunity, these women will take it with both hands and run with it. We have seen first-hand the difference it makes in the life of a family. It has been demonstrated that when a woman is empowered the whole community benefits.

Life Change:

  • Development of resilience to financial shocks, meaning that women who climb out of poverty can stay out
  • Women provided with skills which will enable them to earn an income, often through their own businesses. This provides income for children’s schooling and improved health outcomes
  • Women grow in confidence and emotional well-being and are given a range of life-skills training

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