Educating for trafficking prevention

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Project Code: THA-ZOE-HTP-P01


Our partners will undertake a number of different outreach activities in slums, villages along the Thai-Burma border, in refugee camps and in remote mountain villages.  These outreaches involve targeting areas where trafficking is a problem, making connections with the area leaders, including principals of local schools and then conducting one to three-day training sessions with the community on what trafficking is and how to prevent it.  Part of the training is handing out the phone number of a tips hotline, so that if people become aware of trafficking crimes, then they can phone them in.


Our implementing partner has a great deal of experience in trafficking prevention and also rescue and restoration.  They work along the full spectrum of trafficking, with this outreach project being a major link in their chain.  They also work closely with the local government and are well respected internationally and locally for their work.  We particularly like the fact that the outreach activities are targeted to at risk areas, maximizing their effectiveness.


The budget provides for 40 outreaches within Chiang Mai, five multi-day outreaches, and 12 shorter teaching sessions in at-risk villages.  It includes improving the educational materials and hiring an additional staff member to manage the increased work load.


There is still a great deal of ignorance in regards to trafficking in Thailand.  Many of the at-risk areas are home to the poor, uneducated and undocumented – prime prey for traffickers.  And it is not ‘just’ sex traffickers, but slave labour and enforced begging.  The Thai fishing industry is known to be a key industry involved in the use of trafficked labour.  Without education and awareness, many poor communities will remain vulnerable to trafficking.


  • Communities empowered to avoid traffickers and their snares
  • Increased likelihood of people rescued from trafficked situations due to increased awareness
  • Reduction in number of people trafficked

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