Borneo Community Development – Kalimantan

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$5,375 $20,000
Project Code: WYG-IDN-KAG-BCD


Our partners create and implement comprehensive engineering solutions to the life-threatening challenges experienced daily by the local people of Borneo. Through innovation and partnership, they help forge new concepts in a culturally appropriate manner with cost effective implementation. They oversee projects, create a new standard of development in consultation with local leaders that are imparted to the community and leave a legacy for generations to come.


The focus is on the people rather than just the infrastructure. The primary desire is to bring community development through engineering. Solutions are tailored to the social fabric of those who will be using the infrastructure. They undertake social surveys to understand the people, invite local input and take the time to teach them about the infrastructure they will inherit through relevant education in their local heart language.


$20,000. This will be matched dollar for dollar with donors in the US.

This money will be invested in consulting services focused on development including Engineering Planning and Design, Construction Supervision, Anthropological Integration, Public Liaison, Community Education, Public Health Implementation, Educational Solutions and Project Management.


Community needs in Kalimantan are exposed and overwhelming. Thousands of toilets sit over the river, ‘drinking’ water is pulled from this same river, houses flood because of lack of drainage and transportation is difficult because the roads are so damaged. Development opportunities vary greatly in the fields of engineering, education, healthcare, and the economy.

Our partner’s desire is to bring community transformation primarily through practical engineering via close community engagement. The focus starts with understanding the people before building the infrastructure. The live within the communities they are serving so as to better understand their unseen needs.


  • Infusing 20+ years of international engineering experience into the local community and working in partnership with local governments and communities, they build knowledge capacity and create a revolution in infrastructure planning, design and construction.
  • Helping to develop the infrastructure of cities across the state, be it reticulated water supply or sewerage, roads and drainage, or public areas, they are creating an environment for the development of public health, the economy and education.

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