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In 2012 781 million adults were unable to read a book or sign their names and 58 million children were not enrolled in school.  Lack of education is one of the chains tying people to poverty.  Education allows an individual to direct their own life, and gives them and their communities the opportunity to influence their future well-being with regards to politics, economics, agriculture, health and much more.  

Educated mothers have healthier children, allowing families to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.  Entrust believes that providing children with an opportunity to access education, along with safe water and appropriate sanitation, will bring about transformational development.   

The work of our implementing partners empowers children and their families and hands them keys to escape poverty and avoid exploitation.  Our partners teach children about physical health, money management, and practical life skills, and in turn the children pass this on to their families.

The education we provide allows children to have a better future, allows families to access education in their communities, and in some cases gives them the ability to enter into Government schools down the track.  Through your support for education projects,Entrust and our implementing partners are transforming lives now and in the future.


Statistics sourced from UNESCO and UN Millennium Development Goals website


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